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With three generations of traditional excellence and experience, we respond to the needs of a constantly evolving market with high quality products and efficient, competitive services.

Norcuir provides various types of leathers (natural or artificial), fine-art papers, cartons and the related tools and consumables for a wide range of sectors and activities, all around the world.

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Binding is a field of activity using many raw materials and requiring time for its realization. Quality work is not conceivable without quality materials and tools. You will find in this section all that you will need to realize your projects: leathers, papers, canvases, cardboard, imitation leather, small material...

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Leathers  Papers & Lines Bookbinding  Tools


Whether you are furnishing chairs, chairs, interior decoration, desk shelves or other items, you will find in this section all the raw materials that are useful for carrying out your projects.

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Leathers Papers & Lines Tools

Other Sectors

If you work in a different sector of activity such as fashion design, leather goods or you have a particular project. You will find in this section various raw materials that may be suitable for you

Products Categories:
Leathers Papers & Lines Tools

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